Become a Sponsor

Investing in our communities is the best way to grow Sunbury and help its businesses and residents thrive and prosper. A sponsorship in one or more event hosted by SRI helps to create activity within the City, plus provide so many opportunities for local businesses to connect with customers, clients, and neighbors. Not only will an SRI sponsorship allow us to grow our communities, it will also provide publicity and brand recognition to the sponsor. SRI offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities–just give us a call or choose our year-long sponsorship enrollment for a one-time donation that will guarantee sponsorship at any or all SRI events throughout the year.

So partner with SRI–there’s always something happening!


Sponsorship Levels

SRI welcomes a donation of any amount.  The sponsorship  levels listed on this page are suggested amounts and come with specific benefits. Please contact us for more information or feel free to send your sponsorship amount now.


Sunbury River Festival Lake Augusta Wine & Brew Festival Movies on the River Late Night Shoppers Event New Year’s Eve
Benjamin Apple Sponsor $3000 Connoisseur Sponsor $2000 Blockbuster Sponsor $1000 Shopaholic Sponsor $1000 Fireworks Sponsor $1000
Mary K. Packer Sponsor $2000 Tasting Glass Sponsor $1000 Box Office Sponsor $500 Retail Therapy Sponsor $500 Happy New Year Sponsor $500
Truman Purdy Sponsor $1000 Vintage Sponsor $500 Rising Star Sponsor $250 Bargain Hunter Sponsor $250 Stroke of Midnight Sponsor $250
Thomas Edison Sponsor $500
Car Show Sponsor $500
Drumheller Sponsor $250