Late Night Shoppers – Vendor/Crafter Registration Form

Late Night Shoppers - Non-Market Street Vendor/Crafter

Non-Market Street Vendor/Crafter registration for Late Night Shoppers
  • Please provide the name of the person to be contacted regarding your business participation in this event.
  • Each space is approximately 8ft. Cost is $10 PER space.
  • Please note that generators ARE NOT allowed as this event is indoors. Electricity is limited and provided on a first registered first served basis.
  • I understand that a $10.00 fee PER SPACE is required to participate in this program. In addition, there is a $5.00, per space, for electricity (if applicable). I agree I will deliver these fees, in person or by mail, to the SRI office located at 353 Market Street, Sunbury, PA 17801 within 5 business days of completing this form. Cash or Check only.
  • All vendors are required to provide either 1) a certificate of insurance showing general liability coverage with a minimum $1,000,000 limit or 2) sign a liability waiver. Proof of insurance or a signed waiver must be submitted to SRI within 5 business days of completing this application.
  • 1. These requirements represent a binding agreement between SRI and Exhibitors/Vendors (You) who lease a site for Late Night Shopper Event.  By submitting your application, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, agree to abide by these rules, and to be bound by the terms of this agreement. 2. This Late Night Shopper Event is non-juried.  Exclusivity is not guaranteed for any particular item or class of item.  The Organizational vendors may solicit donations from festival visitors, but may not solicit from other vendor.  SRI reserves the right to accept or reject any vendor application. 3. Vendor site space measures approximately an 8 foot table length.  The vendor fee is non-refundable after a site has been assigned.  Vendor fee is due at time of application, if you require more than (1) one site, there will be an additional charge.  If your application is not accepted or if all available sites have been leased, your payment will be returned. SRI will assign site(s) to vendors and sites are non-transferable. 4. SRI will provide limited electricity on a first come first served basis at an additional fee. Vendors must supply their own tables and chairs. Gasoline-powered generators or other devices deemed to be a safety hazard or a public nuisance are not permitted. Excessive noise is prohibited. 5. SRI will provide trash removal services to its vendors, but you must provide trash/garbage containers and liners of sufficient size and quantity to accommodate ALL refuse generated by your exhibit. Please be sure to keep your site clean of trash.   6. You may begin to set up your exhibit at 3:30pm, please have your exhibit set up by 5:00pm! (late night shoppers’ night starts at 5:00pm). Vendors will have the opportunity to park in front of the building that your vendor space is located to unload only. Please move your vehicle(s) by 4:45pm to accommodate late night shoppers to the City. You agree to operate your exhibit until 9:00pm and vacate your site by 11:00pm. 7. Late Night Shopper is an indoor event and is held regardless of weather. However, in the event of dangerous conditions, the Late Night Shopper Event may be suspended, or if necessary, cancelled. In the event of an emergency instructions will be distributed by Sunbury Police/Fire Police! 8. You are responsible for compliance with all state sales tax laws.  Failure to do so will prohibit you from exhibiting at the Late Night Shopper Event. 9. Sunbury’s Revitalization, Inc., its sponsors, or their agents, officers, employees, and volunteers will not be responsible for theft, accidents or loss or damage to property belonging to vendors. Further, Vendors shall indemnify and hold harmless Sunbury’s Revitalization, Inc., its sponsors, or their agents, officers, employees, or volunteers from any and all claims and damages including attorney’s fees and court cost for personal injury, loss or damage to property caused by or due to the acts of omissions of the vendors.