Contact: Melissa A. Rowse, SRI Board President

[email protected]

Sunbury Revitalization, Inc. announces new board for 2022. 

(Sunbury) –  Sunbury Revitalization, Inc. is pleased to announce our 2022 Board of Directors.  Elected by its members in November, the new board began January 18.  The Board of Directors include President – Melissa Rowse, Vice President – Aimee Buehner, Secretary – Jody Ocker, Treasurer – Jeb Stotter, David Klacik, Katrina Mouery, Christi Emel, Slade Shreck, Doris Carroll-Maruska, and Andrea Wary.

The board will be focusing on the lower level renovations of the Albright Center and promotion of its marketing brand, ThinkSunbury in 2022.  There are many positive events happening throughout the City and with ThinkSunbury, SRI’s goal is to increase community engagement and highlight all that Sunbury has to offer.    

The board of directors is very excited for 2022 and wants to extend their heartfelt thanks to Sierra Woodling, Executive Director, and Amanda Furlong, Administrative Assistance, for all their support in helping with these initiatives.

Media point of contacts will be Melissa Rowse, [email protected] and Jody Ocker, [email protected].

For more information about upcoming events and please visit our newly revised website.