Albright Center for the Arts

The Albright Center for the Arts, a project of Sunbury’s Revitalization, Inc. (SRI), has a vision to become the community’s premiere arts and events center.

The arts will find a home at the Albright Center for the Arts in Sunbury with the ability of a garden-level to host music, plays and performances for up to 250 people. There is also a large performance space with seating for 400-600, as well as smaller rooms appropriate for gallery type shows and small events (up to 40 people).

Additionally, events such as business and trade shows, job fairs, corporate training, out-of-town conventions and more will be able to utilize the center as a meeting and conference facility.

The Albright Center for the Arts has potential to bring the community together, attract residents, businesses and visitors to Sunbury, and improve quality of life for residents of Sunbury and the Greater Susquehanna Valley region.

Please join us in bringing this vision to life!

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